tom hardy 3

Tom Hardy: 10 Most Embarrassing MySpace Selfies Before He Was Famous

Before he became the Hollywood heartthrob that he is today  Tom Hardy had a cringeworthy selection of selfies on his MySpace page and we’ve brought you the best ones!

1 – This one could easily be a Grindr profile pic.

tom hardy 1

2 – Nice ‘tache Tom.

tom hardy 2

3 – Beautiful.

tom hardy 3

4 – This pose gets all the girls.

tom hardy 4

5 – Travelling in style… on public transport.

tom hardy 5

6 – Rawr.

tom hardy 6

7 – Tom was Instagramming food before Instagram was a thing. Swag.

tom hardy 7

8 – Showing off his grill.

tom hardy 8

9 – Moist.

tom hardy 9

10  – Topless and playing Xbox, Tom was the stuff teenage dreams are made of.

tom hardy `10

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