5 Of The Healthiest Foods On Earth That Will Make You Look And Feel Amazing

We all want to eat more healthily, so here’s a list of foods which offer more vitamins and minerals pound for pound. They’re all really tasty and should be introduced in any healthy diet.

1. Spinach


This is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat; it’s quite easy to find and relatively cheap. It’s packed with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants and it fills you up without providing too many calories.

A cup of fresh, leafy greens will provide:
Vitamin A – 2813 IU – over 50% of you recommended daily intake.
Vitamin K – 145mcg – 200% of your daily intake.
Folate – 58.2mcg – a good percentage of the recommended daily intake.

2. Salmon


What sets apart this type of fish from the others is the fact that it’s rich in omega-3 and very high in protein. Salmon is perfect for those who do a lot of strength training, as it will support your muscle tissue. Fresh salmon is better than the smoked variety, as the latter doesn’t contain as many nutrients.

100g of wild Alaskan salmon will provide:
Vitamin A – 9% of your daily requirements.
Vitamin B1 – 13% of what you need daily; it helps to keep a healthy heart.
Protein – 20g – lots of protein to keep your muscles healthy.
Niacin – 42% of your recommended daily intake, .

3. Avocado


Try and get more avocado in your life, it’s really worth it. Although it’s not extremely easy to pick a good one, the amount of good fat they contain makes up for it. The monounsaturated fat they contain helps you lose fat and stay full for longer.

100g of raw avocado will provide:
Monounsaturated fat – 10g – roughly 10% of the avocado is good fat.
Vitamin B6 – 16% of your daily requirement.
Folate – 22% of your daily needs; good for your heart.

4. Broccoli


One of the most easy to find healthy foods, broccoli are best steamed. The amount of fibre in broccoli will keep your digestive system healthy and the vitamin C it contains will exceed your recommended daily intake.

100g of raw broccoli provide:
Vitamin C – 150% of your daily recommendation.
Vitamin B6 – 10% of your daily intake.
Fibre – 2.6g – 10% of your daily intake.

5. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are now widely considered a great alternative to regular potatoes. They’re packed with vitamins and contain a healthy dose of fibre. There’re lots of benefits to eating sweet potatoes (including the fact that they keep you full for longer): they’re rich in antioxidants and they’re a nice source of plant-based protein.

100g of sweet potatoes will provide:
Vitamin A – 384% of the recommended daily intake!
Vitamin C – 33% your daily intake..
Protein – 2g.



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