5 Of The Best Dinosaur Movies You Must See Before You Die

We all love dinosaurs: hungry giant lizards bent on dominating their environment, what’s not to love? Here’s a list of the best 5 dinosaur movies, featuring some of the most ferocious reptiles.

1. Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg, 1994

Featuring amazing CGI and some of the scariest dinosaurs you’ll ever see, Jurassic Park is still the best dinosaur movie ever made. Brilliantly adapted from a Michael Crichton book, this is a roller coaster ride.

2. Godzilla, Ishiro Honda, 1954

The original radioactive lizard, Godzilla is the result of American nuclear testing gone wrong. This giant Lizard has been the protagonist of almost 30 films (including two American remakes), and he’s such an iconic character that he’s been awarded an honorary citizenship by the city of Tokyo.

3. One Million Years BC, Don Chaffey, 1966

Raquel Welch in a skimpy leather bikini escapes from hungry dinosaurs. The best dinosaur movie until Jurassic Park was released.

4. Dinosaur, Eric Leighton & Ralph Zondag, 2000

Released in 2000 and produced by Disney, apparently this was the most expensive film that year. No one really remembers it, but it’s a nice little story of tolerance about a dinosaur raised by a family of lemurs.

5. The Land That Time Forgot, Kevin Connor, 1975

This 1975 film is based on Edgar Rice Burrough’s novel of the same name. Ok, the dinosaurs don’t look that convincing, but it’s a nice Sunday afternoon movie all the same.

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