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12 Genius Life Hacks That Will Instantly Make Your Life Easier

Want to learn how to look good, save time and cut costs in the process? Read our list of genius life hacks you wish you knew years ago!

1 – Want to freshen up a room after being away on holiday or trying to get rid of food smells? Lay a scented dryer sheet on a radiator and the fragrance will fill the room in no time.

dryer sheet

2 – Tie a small piece of brightly coloured material to your suitcase so it’s easy to spot when being collected from an airport carousel.


3 – When travelling, keep a bar of small hotel soap in with your dirty clothes to keep them smelling fresh until you can wash them.


4 – When taking a picture, squint your eyes to make your smile appear to be more genuine.


5 – Use an empty toilet paper tube as a makeshift speaker for an iPhone for a party.

iphone speaker

6 – Want to cool your drinks quickly? Wrap a wet towel around the bottle and slip in the freezer for 15 minutes and they’ll be ice cold in no time.

cooling drinks

7 – Having a barbecue? Use an old muffin or egg tray to house all your condiments and dips for a no-mess selection that doesn’t use up a lot of room.

barbecue dips

8 – Having trouble with too many keys and forgetting what they open? Use nail polish to identify each one and ease the confusion.

key coding

9 – Chill your wine using frozen grapes instead of ice as to not water it down.

wine grapes

10 – For iced coffees, use frozen coffee instead of ice cubes for instant refreshment without watering down your drink!

coffee ice cubes

11 – Lost an earring? Put a stocking or pair of tights over the suction tube on your vacuum cleaner to find it quickly and easily.

hoover earring

12 – Love boiled eggs but hate taking the shell off? Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water when boiling to de-shell your eggs with no hassle.

egg shells

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